Ready to Holiday Entertaining? Award Winning Winston-Salem Artist Lends Her Design to New Microwave/Oven Safe Dinnerware

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NORTH CAROLINA –October 20, 2015 – Devora Designs, Inc. announced today that it is the first company in the Personalized Home goods Industry to lend its award winning designs to platters, plates and bowls that are formaldehyde free and safe for use in microwaves, ovens and dishwashers.

The idea according to company CEO Devora Black is to make mealtime “fabulously fun, practical and personal, especially on special occasions like Halloween, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah!” It is the latest addition to a product line that offers the vibrant function Devora Designs, Inc. is known for.

The new personalized dinnerware from Devora Designs, Inc is:

- Safe for use in Convection or Conventional ovens

- Freezer-to-Oven safe

- Dishwasher-safe (Commercial & Residential)

- BPA- free

- Melamine and formaldehyde free

- NSF, FDA and EU approved for food contact

- 100% manufactured in the U.S.A

That means these products are engineered to not only maintain their beauty but maintain the integrity of a healthy, green lifestyle. The dinnerware is made of a composite plastic that makes it harder, more durable and more stain resistant.

After getting her own prototype, Devora Black says “I immediately ran to the microwave to heat food and see what would happen! I liked that the food heated but the plate was still cool to the touch.” Black says that makes it good for children wanting to heat food after school. Black also tested her prototype in a conventional oven. “It’s oven safe up to 300 degrees. No other product does that!”

And she says there is more. “By using these plates, we are keeping excessive amounts of paper and styrofoam out of our landfills. We give consumers an alternative that is reusable, makes the occasion special and maintains its beauty.” Vibrant color and design are both signatures of this Winston-Salem artist. “These are more functional items designed to make life easier for moms like me.”

Devora Black is a nationally renowned personalized home goods, gift, stationery and technology accessories artist. Attracting national attention for her work, Devora was chosen to create a signature graphic invitation for the launching of the Carlos Santana shoe line at Sassy Steps in Chicago, Illinois. Her designs are featured on Kayser-Roth underwear and pajama line for Hue. She has won numerous awards including Best New Product in Lifestyle at the 2011 National Stationery Show for her technology design company, Got Skins?, Inc.